It was 2pm on a sweltering summer day – definitely no good for taking Milo out for a bike ride. Jane, still lounging in her PJs, sat at her desk with a piece of paper and a 5-combo colored pencil set, as Milo wiggled in next to her. Where should she start? She hadn’t the faintest idea.

Half an hour passed. It was no easy task bringing to life her creative vision of how to improve medical education. Besides, drawing was never her forte. So, she put away the materials and pulled out her notebook to do what she did best: write. Word by word, line by line, she jotted down her inspiration to complete the skeletal blueprint of, what is now, Anatomy Land. 9 months later, Milo’s Academy was officially born as a Delaware C-Corp.

[Image: Drawing of Anatomy Land’s first structural layout of the Arm Farm]

The concept of Milo’s Academy and the journey to Anatomy Land started out as a story of one medical student’s entrepreneurial struggle: prototypes failed expectations, production processes fell short, unexpected drawbacks led to pivots—all this resulted in loss of badly needed funds and unaffordable delays in launch. But Jane persisted. She believed in her vision and what Milo’s Academy could become. Soon enough, Jane found her pencil-sketch evolve into something much larger than what one person can create, with fun memorable stories, well-designed memory devices, better executed art and captivating animation. And it attracted some pretty amazing nomads along the way, too.

Jon was the first hitchhiker to join. The Silicon Valley entrepreneur and investor saw potential in Milo’s Academy when few others wanted to be on the Anatomy Land struggle-ride. He’s been an Advisor to Milo’s Academy since its conception. Lokesh was the second hitchhiker to join. He’s the elephant-loving graduate student who took the passenger seat right away as Executive Creative Director and Anatomist. He has been Jane’s reliable sounding board on all things in the Art and Composition Department.

As the three original members of Milo’s Academy blazed a trail for the prospective thrill seekers of Anatomy Land, Milo’s Academy went from being dangerously low on gas to a lively bustling joyride for 25 individuals sharing the day to day struggles of creativity and hard work. With a common goal for launch and the comradery of being students with no cash, the days were filled with an anticipation for success and an excitement of starting something new. Not enough money, not enough man power, and at times, not enough morale was still not enough reason for the team to stop. As Jane convinced talented adventurers to hop on at different times throughout Anatomy Land’s evolution, the faster the momentum picked up, and at last, the once impossible light at the end of a long tunnel glimmered brightly.

Now, Anatomy Land is excited to bring on a whole new crew of riders—subscribers (thank you!). While the creative team of 25 continue to revolutionize the way science and medicine should be taught, Milo’s Academy looks to expand its influence on training future healthcare workers, and change the face of anatomy education for years to come.

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